Monday, August 27, 2007

Terror and Censorship update

There was a bit of debate when the Crossed Pond initially discussed the matter of Khalid bin Mahfouz's attempt to quash a Cambridge University Press publication concerning Saudi links to terror organizations.

Israeli blogger Ibrahim Abu Yahud has established something of a clearinghouse site for information on bin Mahfouz's particular crusa…well, his "quest," I suppose; as well as issues of terror-related speech generally.

Yesterday, he linked to a particularly interesting development–an attempt by an American Islamic charity group to bring down a Yale University Press publication through a libel suit. It seems that Yale had a bit more steel in their spines than Cambridge; they stood behind their author and even filed a counter-suit which could have imposed the "loser pays" stipulation upon the individuals bringing the charges. As a result, the initial claim has been abandoned.

It stands to reason that different cultures will have different standards of justice where libel claims are concerned. Still: score one for the USA here, I think. And Boola Boola for Yale, which stands up in defense of academic freedom.

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