Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ehrenfeld vs Mahfouz

Dr.Rachel Ehrenfeld's court date for her appeal against billionaire saudi terror financier khalid bin mafouz begins Thursday in New York. She seeks a judgement from federal court declaring that mafouz's UK libel suit, which she lost, is unenforceable in this country under our constitution and New York law. At stake is our freedom of speech, not to mention the ability of investigative journalists to uncover and publicize the nefarious activities of wealthy muslims using fake charities to finance terrorism against us. And while the likes of Walt and Mearsheimer and their supporters falsely claim of a Jewish and pro-Israel cabal silencing critics of Israel, the reality is that Arabs, using their vast wealth and lobbying power, are the ones who are doing the silencing regarding their own misdeeds. The blog Stop Islamic Conquest has a detailed account of Dr.Ehrenfeld's case. Also go to her own website and help out this heroic and courageous woman financially in her important fight, as she is facing a very wealthy, powerful and dangerous foe. And I do mean dangerous. This sounds an awful lot like a physical threat against Dr.Ehrenfeld to me:

In connection with his UK case, Mahfouz has communicated with and served litigation papers on Dr. Ehrenfeld in New York. On one occasion, in March 2005, Mahfouz sent an agent to Dr. Ehrenfeld's home in New York who told her menacingly: You had better respond. Sheikh bin Mahfouz is a very important person, and you ought to take very good care of yourself." A 56. On five occasions, Mahfouz's agents have mailed letters and documents relating to the UK case to Dr. Ehrenfeld's home in New York. A 56-58. On five occasions, Mahfouz's agents have intrusively sent e-mails relating to the UK case that Dr. Ehrenfeld read at her home computer in New York. A 56-58.

Rachel Ehrenfeld must prevail over this filthy, vile thug. Our enemies cannot be allowed to manipulate our own court system to get away with financing and plotting attacks against us.

[Published on Fiery Spirited Zionist]

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